[Tweeters] Montlake Fill - Bitter and leucistic (?) mallards

Caren Brinkema caren at brinkemaphoto.com
Tue Sep 3 09:58:05 PDT 2019

I enjoyed a gorgeous kayak trip around Yesler Swamp and along the edge of UBNA and had great views of the bittern, as well as coming across two Leucistic (I think) mallards. I am not sure what is up with the mallards - I would love to hear thoughts. I tried to put some photos up on FLICKR but it seems to be having a bad hair day and is not cooperating - if you would like to see a few photos contact me and I will forward you a few. I will also attempt to get them on Flickr once it is out of its “time out” (i.e. once I feel I can make another attempt without wanting to throw a brick at the screen) — Caren

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