[Tweeters] Stolen binoculars

Mariha Kuechmann tertbutl at comcast.net
Mon Sep 2 10:05:43 PDT 2019

I realize this is off topic but it occurred to me this morning that the birding community might be well positioned to notice high quality used binos turning up on the used optics market (whatever that might be).

We had two pair of Swarovski EL 10x42 binoculars go missing from our home sometime in the last week. We are reaching the end of a major remodeling project with workmen in and out on a more or less daily basis. We’ve kept our spotting scope secured but the binoculars less so because we use them frequently.

We are reporting the theft to authorities and checking local pawn shops and Craig’s List, as well as contacting our contractor, whom we trust completely. If anyone has any other ideas I’d be very grateful to hear them.

We of course have identifying serial numbers for both sets.

Good birding ;)

Mariha Kuechmann
Vancouver, Washington
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