[Tweeters] Possible Red-throated Pipit

Jay Adams protectionisland8.9 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 15:09:49 PDT 2019

While birding this morning at Crockett Lake, I and others encountered a
pipit-sized bird in the thin grassy strip between the east end of the lake
and the road leading to the Port Townsend Ferry. The bird was grayish
overall - lighter below and darker above. The underparts were conspicuously
streaked. The upperparts less obviously so. The bird had a cleanish face
with a narrow eyering. As soon as we approach, the bird would consistently
flush, flying in a manner similar to American Pipit - a kind of bouncy,
climbing flight style. Maybe most important, when first flushed the bird
gave a soft rattle - as in prrrrt. But once on the air, the bird resorted
to a single-noted high thin flight call, nothing at all like the flight
calls of American Pipit, which were plentiful in the area while we watched
the bird in questions.
Sorry, no photos were possible.
Jay Adams
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