[Tweeters] Seattle Discovery Park - how to get to the lighthouse

Allison Reak areak823 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 14:14:28 PDT 2019

There is no public parking lot at the West Point lighthouse--parking permits
are issued only for temporary/short-term access to the sewage treatment
plant (STP) and lighthouse for scheduled business. The (no) parking area is
located at the plant entrance and the plant is staffed 24/7 and monitored,
so you can't even sneak a quick trip down without being seen within a few
minutes of arrival. And if you drive down just to check it out, you can't
see over the shore berm to the beach and water's edge from your car. That
said, there once were two handicapped spaces near the sidewalk to
lighthouse, but I don't know the current situation and you may still need a
day-use permit to use the handicapped parking because the STP is a
high-security infrastructure facility. Protecting our shit, so to speak.

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Is there an issue with people who don't have permits parking down there?Bev

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