[Tweeters] WBRC website resources summary - updated for Fall 2019

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 28 19:08:52 PDT 2019

Hi again -

Part 2 of the annual messages:

Here are some notes on the online files for the Washington Bird Records Committee [WBRC], all newly updated on the WOS website <http://wos.org/>.

The records of the WBRC <http://wos.org/records/> are now all updated on the website — things you can find:

Summary of the latest Fall 2018 decisions: http://wos.org/records/votingsummary/fall-2019/ <http://wos.org/records/votingsummary/fall-2019/>

A set of three files gives you a summary of ALL decisions <http://wos.org/records/votingsummary/>:
PDF of all accepted records  <http://wos.org/documents/WBRC/WBRC-Accepted-Oct-2019.pdf>for easy printing
PDF of all reports not accepted, tabled or unreviewable <http://wos.org/documents/WBRC/WBRC-not-accepted-tabled-Oct-2019.pdf> for easy printing
Excel of all decisions <http://wos.org/documents/WBRC/WBRCallrecordsOct2019.xls>, for those wanting to dig in and mess around with everything in one place.

An updated Washington State Checklist: http://wos.org/records/checklist/ <http://wos.org/records/checklist/>
Updated review list of birds reviewable by the WBRC: http://wos.org/records/review-list/ <http://wos.org/records/review-list/>
The 10 previously published official WBRC articles are all available here: http://wos.org/records/pastreports/ <http://wos.org/records/pastreports/> [Number 11 should appear there within a couple months]

As ever, if you observe a rare bird in Washington, we appreciate your assistance documenting the sighting. An online form you can use to report such sightings is available here: http://wos.org/records/reportabird/ <http://wos.org/records/reportabird/>

Thanks much to WOS for hosting these resources, and let me know if you have any questions about any of this information.

Matt Bartels
Secretary, WBRC
Seattle, WA

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