[Tweeters] Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Neah Bay.

christopherwarlow at yahoo.com christopherwarlow at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 27 22:52:09 PDT 2019

Today (Sunday) at 1:40 we found a Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Butler’s Hotel in Neah Bay. 
Initially it was in the brambles across the street but then it flew to the feeders. It was very skittish in comparison to the house sparrows that it was with. It held back in the brush and flushed at any movement of blackbirds or jays. 
We got clear but short views over about 5 minutes but failed to get a photo. We then waited for several hours for it to return. Eventually we moved on and relocated the Eurasian Tree Sparrow at 3:40 with the large flock of House Sparrows by the hummingbird feeder on Lincoln and Bay View. Again we didn’t get a photo and the flock dispersed. 
The bird is clearly identified from the House, White-Crowned and Golden-Crowned in the area. It has a full rufous cap, clean bright white cheeks with a black spot on the cheek. 

Chris WarlowOlympia 
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