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Tweets – Excellent day at Marymoor today – no rain, no wind, not cold. It wasn’t even too cloudy, too foggy, or too sunny. Just about perfect, and quite birdy. Those of us doing the survey did not find Eric’s CATTLE EGRET, but still...

a.. Green-winged Teal – four below weir; First of Fall
b.. Bufflehead – about seven far out on lake; First of Fall
c.. Common Merganser – a couple of small flyby flocks
d.. Ring-necked Pheasant – heard calling after three weeks escaping detection
e.. American Coot – first big fall flock 200+ at lake
f.. BONAPARTE’S GULL – brief sighting of three flying down the slough – First since 2016!
g.. Mew Gull – a few in the gull flock on the grass soccer fields – First of Fall
h.. Green Heron – one at Rowing Club
i.. Barn Owl – one hunting East Meadow until after 7am
j.. Pileated Woodpecker – on across slough
k.. Northern Shrike – juvenile north of grass soccer fields
l.. Pacific Wren – one singing at south end of Dog Meadow – First of Fall
m.. Varied Thrush – 1-2 at south end of Dog Meadow, one singing
n.. American Pipit – flyover of flock of 6
o.. Pine Siskin – first real flocks – maybe 35 total
p.. Western Meadowlark – two at north end of East Meadow
Eric’s CATTLE EGRET is the second report for Marymoor Park that I am aware of. The first report was from November 15, 1994, by Bob Dolphin, as listed (probably in Washington Field Notes) in WOSNews 35. Really excellent to have a second report for the site after almost exactly 25 years.

Last week was notable for the accipiters (at least 5 individuals, many sightings) and Merlin (probably 1 bird, three sightings). Today, we saw none of these. Today, the little birds seemed carefree and visible. Coincidence? I don’t think so...

Misses today included Hooded Merganser, Western Grebe, Cooper’s Hawk, Bushtit, and American Goldfinch.

For the day, we had 62 species – adding Eric’s egret makes 63 species – a really good total, I think.

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