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I was told yesterday by a friend who is a casual birder, that his friend, who is a casual birder, that the he has had two Eastern Bluebirds on his private nature reserve near Rosalia, Washington. His home is on the property. The property was formerly used for wheat production, but several years ago was allowed to return to native habitat, and the creek through it was restored. The creek on either side of the property is piped, as I recall.

I am trying to get more information, and photographs. I should know more in a day or so. The birds arrived about a month ago and have been consistently on the property, which is Washington’s Palouse. The property is surrounded by wheat fields.

The property owner asked my friend to ask me if Eastern Bluebirds are rare in Washington State, because he had only seen Westerns before. He reportedly had seen Eastern Bluebirds before in the Eastern US, and had considered the identification factors.

One of my questions to him will be if he will allow access for Washington birders to see them, and what kind of restrictions he would put on access if he allows it.

Jeff Gilligan

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