[Tweeters] Discovery Park (Seattle) Horned Lark

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Tue Oct 22 16:15:57 PDT 2019


I was watching gulls, but didn't see anything rarer than Bonaparte's and Heermann's this morning. I did see the Horned Lark reported the last couple of days on the south beach. When last seen, it was circling high over West Point as a Cooper's Hawk hunted low over same. Earlier, I had a few hundred Snow Geese flying back and forth (concealing their actual number) over the park in a few flocks in the mist. A fair number of loons were passing, and a few returning diving ducks. I'm glad I didn't know the forecast had changed (to continuing rainy).

For loud birds, I'd nominate Noisy Scrub-bird. I used to work with them in southwestern Australia, and they use their song defensively (or rather, offensively). When you walk into a territory (in coastal heath), the male will stay out of sight, but walk to within a few feet of you and blast you with song. It's so loud it's painful. They may not win in absolute terms, but when that close, it may beat what we hear of other species at more usual distances.

22 October, 2019,

Alan Grenon

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