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Hi Tweets!

I disagree with the article.

I have filmed all of the Bellbirds. While the White is clearly very loud, I was disoriented by Bearded Bellbirds. So I looked into this and as we recorded the sounds we attempted to establish this exact answer to the question - which is the loudest bird in the world. When “All Bird TV” was in production we were doing a show on this.

As I recall - We concluded that Bearded was louder than White.

There are 4 species of Bellbirds: This is where I have found them:

Costa Rica-
3 wattled Bellbird
White Bellbird

Bare-throated Bellbird

Trinidad & Tobago-
Bearded Bellbird

Also- as I later pondered this question- some of the other subtropical species are incurably LOUD!
Lyrebird has also Not been eliminated from the competition. Screaming Phia is not exactly quiet. I have filmed them in Venezuela.

I’d love to hear some of your nominees in the category .

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