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Devorah the Ornithologist birdologist at gmail.com
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this bird-window collision problem has me baffled. I also have birds
crashing into my windows -- even with the blinds closed. (no kills,
thankfully.) weirdly, I've also watched birds crash into the house itself.
now why on earth would they do that? i wondered. are these youngsters who
are unskilled flyers? or adults who are interested to learn about the
material that the house is made of?

i'm not sure of the answer to that observation, but it's long mystified me.
has anyone else seen this?

On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 5:25 AM Ruth Richards <rgrichards7 at icloud.com>

> The paint pens are called Posca Pens - any good art or craft store should

> have them. And, we tried a different brand before we found Posca; they

> weren’t as good, so it’s worth finding Poscas.


> They come in a variety of widths. We used a PC-5M for the first attempt,

> because that was the recommendation, and we weren’t sure how it would be to

> look through the window once it is striped. We’d recommend a slightly

> thicker line for a bit of extra insurance. We have a PC-7M that we’ll try

> next.


> We used a straight edge after measuring the window for vertical lines

> about 3.5” apart, on the exterior surface.

> Because our feeders are set away from the house and there’s a lot of brush

> nearby, we hadn’t been getting many strikes that killed, but we would get a

> collision now and then. Since striping the windows, we’ve had none. And,

> one becomes accustomed to looking through the window and barely noticing

> the striping after a while. The fact that it is effective makes it easy to

> love!


> Ruth Richards

> Coupeville


> > On Oct 20, 2019, at 3:38 PM, c.boatsman at comcast.net wrote:

> >

> > There was a list last week about how to prevent bird collisions with

> windows. I watched the video. I think the type of pen used to draw the

> lines on the window was not specified. Anyone know? Also brief review of

> how to mark the windows would be appreciated. Have others tried it? Thank

> you.

> >



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