[Tweeters] Recommendations for Guide In Barrow

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UUT-kee-AH-vik is the phonetic for it that I’ve seen.

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> Good to know Naomi!

> Not living in Alaska, or traveling up there in the past few years, I did not know about this name change.


> Can you please offer a phonetic pronunciation of Utqiagvik?

> That would be very helpful.


> Thank you and Happy Birding,

> Faye


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> Barrow has been known as Utqiagvik since time immemorial by its indigenous inhabitants and adopted as the official name by the city in 2016. Of all groups the birding community should be the most used to adjusting to name changes due to the often shifting taxonomic discoveries and debates. These changes can be slight and even seem inane to us but we learn and adapt to them. Let’s try to take decolonization and indigenous land acknowledgements with at least the same sincerity.

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