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Hey Tim & Tweeters,

'Tis the season. Dispersion and migration are underway. Resident owls are
announcing claimed territory, while the young of the year are moving about
to find their own turf, or at least exist stealthily on someone else's.
Barred Owls are particularly vocal at this time of year. Great Horned Owls
will be starting courtship next month, and established pairs may already be
gearing up. As for Northern Saw-whet Owls, this year seems to be a very big
year for them in the Puget Sound area. I have banded nearly 50 of them to
date, well more than I did all of last year, and their migration season
isn't half started. Another indicator of their success this past season is
that 85% of the birds I have handled have been hatch year birds, as opposed
to the 23% that 2018 experienced.


J. Acker

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Hey Tweets,

About a week back, my son and I drove past a Barred Owl on a telephone wire
near dusk. This morning I'm being serenaded by a Great Horned Owl. Anyone
else been getting more activity from owls lately? Always fun in seasons when
they're out and about and calling.


Tim Brennan


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