[Tweeters] Seattle Mountain Chickadee

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Wed Oct 16 08:31:10 PDT 2019


Yesterday morning, a couple of other birders and I saw the Mountain Chickadee on the south side of Alki Point (West Seattle), in the pines behind the brick water treatment facility, near where it had been reported the previous day. The cool south wind probably influenced its location away from the road. It was not with other chickadees this time. If it's like the same that have occupied that patch in previous years, it may linger. I did not hear of any success finding the other goodies recently reported nearby (Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, Rock Wren, Long-tailed Duck, Black Scoter, ...). My apologies, I thought I'd sent this note yesterday.

Before I could look for birds, I'd seen big splashes as I was arriving, and thought, "whales!" Sure enough, I got to watch a couple dozen orcas in four small groups, spread from the next county to nearby, some of the close ones flipper slapping and partially breaching. When they rounded the point to the north, the handful of accumulated photographers followed, and I stayed to start birding.

Of 15 October, 2019,

Alan Grenon

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