[Tweeters] w-f ibis at Wiley/Hayton; Black backed woodpecker at Sleeping Lady, Leavenworth

William Driskell bdriskell at comcast.net
Sat Oct 12 23:25:12 PDT 2019

Sorry tweets--it's late so you're getting two birds with one email.

Yesterday (Fri ~3:00), Nancy Jones, Inge Watson & I went to Sleeping
Lady to see if the white-headed woodpecker was still about.  No joy on
that count but in the same location, next to the river patio, a
back-blacked female appeared on a living, non-burnt pine and proceeded
to make the bark fly.  End of a great day.  But then...

Around 10:00 this morning (Sat), even with the 1812 overture of opening
day hunting, Inge & I were having a wonderful morning at Hayton (3
peregrines and a N shrike among others) when 6 white-faced ibis flew by
on a low pass in a tight formation. There were 4 other birders/photogs
present.  The ibisii didn't land but headed southeast towards Wiley.  A
short time later at Wiley , we encountered Greg Harrison who had seen
them twice flying in the distance south of Wiley, couldn't turn them
into whimbrels and so subsequently took, by self-admission, perhaps the
world's worst bird photos or spots on his lens--see his ebird posting
(note: Iphones are not magic).  Another Wiley couple out on the dike
also had a later flyby and showed us their photos.

Inge took usable confirming photos at Hayton showing legs extending
beyond tail; contact me if you need to see them.  From the dregs of my
photos, I had previously seen one at Wiley in May 2017.

William Driskell
Seattle WA
206-522-5930 h/o

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