[Tweeters] A kind birder and wonderful person-Mike Marsh

Khanh Tran khanhbatran at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 12 14:52:05 PDT 2019

It is with great sadness that I inform you, the passing of a great person, dear friend and birder, Mike Marsh. He passed away yesterday and was so resilient in fighting his battle with Parkinson’s the last 14 years.

Mike was a kind, funny, gentle, and creative person gifted with many talents. We had many great birding adventures and saw many amazing birds together. He inspired me to be the very best in my birding and how I treat people. I learned to be kind, humble, generous and loving. This has provided with such great karma in all aspects of my life and I am very happy and successful because of his influence! He encourage me to be a professional bird guide, and I am now successful and having the time of with birding and photography.

I hope those who have met/birded with Mike has also felt an influence or an impression. Mike had a passion for owls. Today, I came home and found a Barred Owl in our yard---in some ways, it was Mike saying goodbye to me.

I am grateful to have cross paths with him and will miss him dearly,

With peace, love and good light to all.


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