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Fri Oct 11 16:18:16 PDT 2019

Hi, Tweets,

Following reports, I started mid-morning at the mouth of the Cedar River, where I did eventually find at least two Eared Grebes. They and three or more Horned Grebes, though mostly not together, spent more time under the waves than at the surface, making it a challenge to count them. A walker tried to get me to see some unusual white water bird reportedly often present (with a black patch on the side), but I didn't find it. If you know what this is (domestic Mallard, perhaps?), please let me know.

Next, I had lunch in the south meadow at Discovery Park, near where a longspur was reported yesterday. When some walkers paused on a social trail to look at something near their feet, then a sparrowy bird flushed a few tens of feet, I waited till they left, then positioned myself where I could look down that trail. After several minutes, the longspur crept back into view on the trail. I watched it sun and creep around for awhile, it occasionally disappearing into the grassy trail edges, where it eventually stayed. At one point, I saw a Sharp-shinned Hawk by looking up when the longspur hunkered down and looked at the sky. I'm saying Lapland, but if someone want's to go prove me wrong with photographs (odd Smith's?), I'm interested. I had one Cooper's Hawk and then at least three ravens together. I had 2-3 other raven sightings, so I don't know how many there actually were. There are still lots of robins, Varied Thrushes, Steller's Jays, and such, including a few Evening Grosbeaks and one Red Crossbill flying around.

11 October, 2019,

Alan Grenon

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