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Hi Diann,

There is one remaining Mitred Parakeet (Aratinga mitrata) left hanging
around Seward Park from a flock of perhaps a dozen or so birds released
many years ago. When I first started working at the Seward Park Audubon
Center in 2011 there were three individual parakeets remaining. Several
years later we were down to two; the past couple of years just one
individual remains. The bird is frequently heard and seen here in the Park.

Hope this helps....

Ed Dominguez
Lead Naturalist
Seward Park Audubon Center

On Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 11:31 AM Diann MacRae <tvulture at gmx.com> wrote:

> Hi, Tweets


> I've just been reading a posting from the Nature Conservancy's *Cool **Green

> Science *on feral parrots in the U.S. Many (30ish) years ago in Bothell

> there was a large stick nest that I was told was for Monk Parakeets. I

> never saw the birds but it did look like that type of nest.


> Does anyone know if there are any feral parrots in the Puget Sound area at

> this time? Just curious.


> Cheers, Diann


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