[Tweeters] birding on Lesvos

Dennis Paulson dennispaulson at comcast.net
Fri Oct 11 10:27:24 PDT 2019

Hello all,

Netta and I are going to Lesvos/Lesbos, a Greek island just off the coast of Turkey, next spring. This is the first birding tour I’ve ever signed up for just because I love migration and this sounds like a wonderful place to experience it. Also, I know the leaders. Gina Nichol of Sunrise Birding just informed me that there were still two places left on the trip, in case anyone in tweeterdom is interested.


I hope this is not considered blatantly commercial, but we have just heard about the value of tweeters as a place for birders to communicate (and imagine, it’s not Facebook!). I get no reward from this except perhaps to have more friends on such a trip.

Dennis Paulson

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