[Tweeters] CORRECTION leaning Juvie/young N shrike- re:Possible sage thrasher/Northern mockingbird Everett sewage lagoon

Daniel Lipinski dano135 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 10 15:01:26 PDT 2019

Bird relocated, same area- leaning more Juvie Northern Shrike- but I’m not positive- thought it had a light colored eye when I saw it first, however it could have been the sun. The color was pretty washed out with sun to my back. Other birder noted adult Northern shrike in area. Maybe someone finds it. Also more ruddy ducks than I’ve ever seen on the sewage lagoons.

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> Seen today 1:30pm. Everett sewage lagoons- seen from the dike east of sewage lagoon looking towards spencer island area- on small shrubs in tidal area. Just north of two tall fir/conifer snags. Just at edge of binoculars range. Brown/gray bird- larger than a robin. Thought it was a shrike at first but no visible eyeline and bill not too thick. Long tail. White on tail tip, possibly sides. I did not see white wing patches like I’m familiar with in mocking birds. Was chased by a crow but came back to its perch. Caught an insect out of the air. Only other bird I can think of would be a Townsend solitaire- but I didn’t get that gist- hopefully someone can relocate and ID.


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