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Tweets – it was a frosty 31 degrees when we started, but it was gorgeous. Crisp, clear skies, and a warming sun seemed to be enjoyed by all, even the birds. A really nice day out there, as we move towards the winter bird populations.

a.. Gadwall – pair in slough, first in 7 weeks
b.. American Wigeon – four – First of Fall
c.. Aythya sp. – a single female in the slough flew before ID’d
d.. Hooded Merganser – one seen twice, or two. First since mid-August
e.. American Coot – one in slough, First of Fall
f.. Northern Harrier – one flew over the mansion; First for 2019 for us
g.. Barn Owl – Matt had one fly over the Viewing Mound around 6:30
h.. Barred Owl – Matt saw one on the boardwalk pre-dawn – Unusual species for Marymoor (just over 10 reports ever)
i.. Pileated Woodpecker – nice look at one on a branch in the sun
j.. Northern Shrike – Adult, north of fields 7-8-9. Last week we had a juvenile
k.. Marsh Wren – I heard one singing south of the weir. First for us since July
l.. Hermit Thrush – one near the mansion gave us great looks
m.. Varied Thrush – a couple seen, plus heard several calls
n.. Pine Siskin – one heard flying over the boardwalk – First of Fall
o.. - EIGHT SPARROW DAY – much singing. Those seen included several SAVANNAH SPARROW, two LINCOLN’S SPARROW, and...
p.. White-throated Sparrow – one, seen twice(?) – First of 2019
q.. Townesend’s Warbler – one near concert stage; only 3rd for the year
We were very surprised to see a juvenile PIED-BILLED GREBE that was still small and stripe-headed, in the slough a little south of the Dog Area. Seems really late for such a young bird.

Misses today included Western Grebe, Ring-billed Gull, Green Heron, and Pacific Wren.

For the day, 64 species!

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