[Tweeters] ADMINISTRATIVE: New face on Tweeters management team

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I’ll second everything Connie says here. And Elaine adds much to anything she gets involved in!

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> Dear Elaine, Dan, and Hal, the entire birding community owes you all a great debt of thanks for maintaining Tweeters all these years. IMHO, Tweeters is by far the best online bird list-server in the country. I belong to several others, and in my experience, most of them focus entirely on finding rare birds. Tweeters does that too, of course, but we also are lucky to benefit from a generous policy allowing birders to post stories, ask questions, share experiences, and teach each other not only how to ID bird species, but also how to connect more completely with nature. Tweeters is unique, which is no surprise to me, considering the people who have been instrumental in its creation and maintenance. A big thank you! - Connie, Seattle

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