[Tweeters] ADMINISTRATIVE: New face on Tweeters management team

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Mon Oct 7 10:32:43 PDT 2019

Hi Dan, Hal and Elaine

I have to second Connie's comments. Tweeters is unique among bird
list-servers. I have had many clients from out of state, most are on their
"equivalent" of Tweeters - and their comments have always been to the effect
that "I wish our list was as good as Tweeters". Almost all these others
either are rare bird exclusive, or just are specific bird. Most of them,
according to my clients, if you want to discuss anything else even if it is
bird related you will get flamed.

Tweeters openness to discuss all things birds (and mammals, etc) is really
appreciated, and is valuable in enabling folks to learn more.

Good Birding!

Brian H. Bell

Woodinville WA

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Dear Elaine, Dan, and Hal, the entire birding community owes you all a great
debt of thanks for maintaining Tweeters all these years. IMHO, Tweeters is
by far the best online bird list-server in the country. I belong to several
others, and in my experience, most of them focus entirely on finding rare
birds. Tweeters does that too, of course, but we also are lucky to benefit
from a generous policy allowing birders to post stories, ask questions,
share experiences, and teach each other not only how to ID bird species, but
also how to connect more completely with nature. Tweeters is unique, which
is no surprise to me, considering the people who have been instrumental in
its creation and maintenance. A big thank you! - Connie, Seattle

constancesidles at gmail.com

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On Oct 6, 2019, at 7:33 PM, Faye McAdams Hands <zest4parus at hotmail.com>

Way to go Elaine!

Thanks for offering your ample talent to such important, and much
appreciated, tasks!

Happy Birding,


Faye McAdams Hands

Life is Simple -- Eat, Sleep, Bird.


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Dear Tweeters,

We are pleased to announce that Elaine Chuang has joined the Tweeters
management team. She has been working with us in the background for several
weeks and will now bring her skills, insights, and fresh energy to the full
range of chores, occasional unexpected challenges, and many satisfactions of
administering this venerable forum for exchange of information and
commentary on birds and birding. Dan has been in the wheelhouse for more
than 25 years, and Hal for nearly 20. Not that we plan to step away, but let
us say that with Elaine sharing the duties, we are looking forward to
slackening the pace of our personal involvement a little bit.

Many of you already know Elaine through her past and present activities with
the Washington Ornithological Society, among others. Please join us in
welcoming her, and thanking her, if you get a chance.

Dan Victor and Hal Opperman
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