[Tweeters] Red capped golden kinglet

Gene Stagner microfauna at comcast.net
Sun Oct 6 09:43:19 PDT 2019

Just saw a most interesting bird taking a bath in our pond. When I first spotted him I couldn’t get a good look so grabbed my binoculars for a better look. I thought for sure it was a very small downy woodpecker because of the bright red crown and the black and white stripes along the sides of the head then he flew away into the surrounding shrubs where there where several other very small birds. Those were obviously GC kinglets. I finally got another good view of the “red crowned” guy. It was definitely a GC kinglet except foe the bright red! crown instead of the typical yellow and orange stripe. Anyone else ever see this variation?

Trying to get a photo but not successful yet. In a group of 5 or 6 so probably migrating through.

This is in Frederickson between Spanaway and South Hill.

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