[Tweeters] banded bird report (Seattle)

pan panmail at mailfence.com
Thu Oct 3 21:21:50 PDT 2019


As predicted, one of the Caspian Terns I saw wearing bands on Kellogg Island from T-107 Park in Seattle in August was banded as a chick on an island in the mouth of the Columbia River. Turns out that was four years earlier.

Nothing new at Discovery Park this morning, but Northern Harrier and a Peregrine or two in the wind, and still lots of Varied Thrushes. I watched a chipmunk eating English hawthorn seeds (you go) (and later thought about how Hawfinch got its name, probably by doing something similar). The one Evening Grosbeak I had was flying overhead.

3 October, 2019,

Alan Grenon

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