[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2019-10-03

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Thu Oct 3 21:21:14 PDT 2019

Tweets – it was mizzly and dark for quite a while this morning, and very quiet until we got to the East Meadow. I mean REALLY QUIET. Then things started hopping.

a.. Virginia Rail – one heard spontaneously from the far side of the slough from the lake platform
b.. Wilson’s Snipe – 3+ below the weir; really hard to count as they flew around from spot to spot
c.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt and I heard one just before 6:00 a.m.
d.. GREAT HORNED OWL – Matt heard one up the canyon from the west park entrance at 5am – First of Fall
e.. Red-breasted Sapsucker – one at the Rowing Club parking lot
f.. Merlin – close flyby at the Pea Patch
g.. Peregrine Falcon – close flyby at the East Meadow
h.. NORTHERN SHRIKE – Very brown juvenile, East Meadow. Probably our 2nd earliest First of Fall ever
i.. Barn Swallow – only two distant birds
j.. - Sparrows galore – but nothing rare; still, the Pea Patch was full of them. Good numbers of Savannahs, Lincoln’s, singing Fox
k.. Common Yellowthroat – one seen, maybe another one heard
l.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – only a handful
On my way home I spotted a TURKEY VULTURE over the Dog Meadow.

Yesterday, Kazuto Shibata found and photographed a GRAY CATBIRD near the footbridge south of the East Meadow around 12:30. Two hours later, I was unable to find the bird, but did have a WESTERN MEADOWLARK in the East Meadow

Mammals today included a VIRGINIA OPOSSUM, a species we’ve seen less than 15 times previously in the park.

For the day, 55 species, with at least 58 for the week. Last week’s report had a typo – we had 58 species, not 68. Still a good count for this time in the fall.

= Michael Hobbs

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