[Tweeters] Monday and Tuesday Larch Mountain, Clark County migration

Jim Danzenbaker jdanzenbaker at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 16:56:31 PDT 2019


I visited a secondary location on Larch Mountain Monday (with Cindy
McCormack) and Tuesday mornings and really enjoyed the results.

I had previously mentioned last Wednesday that I had finally found a Golden
Eagle in Clark County - my first in 15 years. Well, on Monday, we found
two adult Golden Eagles!!! One of them was in view on and off for over an
hour as it kept flying up and circling around a bit before diving back into
the trees. Every time it surfaced for viewing, there were Common Ravens
and at least one Red-tailed Hawk which bombed it. Several times, the eagle
rolled with talons up and we thought we might see some real action. At
last check, no raptors or ravens were harmed during the making of that
memory. Other migrant raptors also winged their way through. Ebird list
for Monday:


Today was, in short, an extravaganza of passerine migration. Someone
opened the floodgates and the Varied Thrushes, American Robins, and
Yellow-rumped Warblers flowed through. My previous daily high count for
Varied Thrush on Larch Mountain was around 375. That was eclipsed today by
a lot - *1,697*! American Robin numbers totaled *3,873* and Yellow rumps
clocked in at *235*. During a 45 minute period, birds were flowing along a
ridgeline at a rate of 150+ per minute! It was a pleasure to witness this
level of migration and I was truly in awe. Ebird list:


Will be heading up there again tomorrow morning!

Keep your eyes and ears skyward!

Jim Danzenbaker
Battle Ground, WA
jdanzenbaker at gmail.com
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