[Tweeters] Leucistic bird sightings

Diane Weinstein diane_weinstein at msn.com
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I have been seeing a leucistic Spotted Towhee and Northern Junco in the yard. The whitish markings are also mostly on the head.

Diane Weinstein

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Just got around to getting my photos in order and wanted to respond to Peggy Mundy’s sharing of seeing a leucistic Black-capped Chickadee in her yard (back on 6 November). I find such reports of interest because this past year I have documented 5 individuals of 4 different species of bird, that exhibit what appear to be leucistic plumage markings. Several years ago, we had a couple of leucistic chickadees in the yard for a couple of years, then hadn’t seen any for several years. Since last winter we have had 2 different apparently leucistic chickadees (one to a much greater degree than the other) as well as an American Goldfinch, a male Spotted Towhee, and a male Northern Junco, all with atypical whitish markings on, at the least, their heads. For those interested, photos can be seen in my Flickr album Leucistic Birds: https://www.flickr.com/photos/danenewarnock/albums/72157710859201313.
I find this somewhat interesting and strange, to see such a surge of sightings in short timeframe; I am interested to learn more if others have something to share about this phenomenon. I know of at least one other person in the area (but not particularly close to my neighborhood who also saw a leucistic Black-capped Chickadee in their yard this year, which looked very similar (but not identical) to one of those frequenting my yard.

Dee Warnock
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