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Our favorite winter birds have been arriving in the Northwest corner. Some of the birds seen on recent visits to the Lummi Flats include ..

Short-eared Owls, Peregrine Falcon, Merlin, American Kestrel, Trumpeter Swans, Snow Geese, Northern Shrike, Western Meadowlarks, Rough-legged Hawks and others.
On Wednesday, I watched as a Rough-legged Hawk flew from its perch and grabbed a rodent. It quickly consumed the prey before another RLHA zoomed in, attempting to steal the prey. It was too late and was followed closely by an adult Bald Eagle, also interested in a free meal. See photos through links below ….

Also of note …. On a recent visit to the San Juan Islands, Marion and I found a Red-naped Sapsucker.
Perhaps even more surprising, we spent some time with two Humpback Whales in President’s Channel, near Orcas Island.

cheers, db

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