[Tweeters] We think we had a Tricolored at Quincy; expert help requested

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Thu May 30 12:17:01 PDT 2019

Hi all,
Delia and I were at Quincy Wildlife Area on May 23rd in the evening before deciding to give up on going eastward.
In a small wetland at the entrance to the driveway which crosses over an irrigation canal I saw a Red-winged Blackbird posing fairly close to a Yellow-headed Blackbird and thought it would make a nice red and yellow shot.  It didn't, mainly because the shots were OUT OF FOCUS!
I finally uploaded them to my computer and to my surprise the Red-wing looks to me like a Tricolored Blackbird, which hasn't been reported on ebird this year west of Othello.  I'm basing my id on the large and white margin on the red and the strange gangly long-winged appearance of the bird and the very sharp point on the bill which actually shows in the second photo.
However, Delia and I would be very grateful if any of the many erudite experts out there in tweeterland would be willing to risk a migraine looking at the shots.

They are at the very bottom of the blog post, you have to scroll past the very dangerous Rubber Boa shot at Bullfrog Pond.

Here's the link:

Best wishes and thanks very much in advance,

Ed Newbold
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