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Tue May 28 18:28:57 PDT 2019

New Hampshire was the last of the Eastern States I needed for my 50/50/50 Quest.  This tells the tale of my visit there and the birds I found.  He won't read this post, but I want to thank him here anyhow.  Mike Resch was again my guide and companion on this day as he had been in Connecticut and Rhode Island at the start of this Marathon trip.  He is a great guy, one of the best birders I have ever known and someone whose own quest makes mine look like an easy day at the office.  Mike's adventure has been to see 50% or more of the birds recorded -- in EVERY STATE!!  When new birds are reported in a state - as they have been here in Washington with some frequency recently, thanks in large measure to Neah Bay's great bounty - Mike has to go back and add to his lists.  Awesome...  Thanks Mike - and maybe we should thank all of our birding friends more often, letting them know that they are the BEST part of this wonderful part of our lives.


Blair Bernson
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