[Tweeters] A Month of Birding Back East (and in Nevada)

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Tue May 28 14:57:37 PDT 2019

As much fun as I had on my marathon trip, it is great to be back in Washington.  All of those other places make me appreciate what we have more and more.  Hopefully I will be able to get out soon and see some of the birds that arrived in May while I was gone.  
I traveled to 15 states and birded in 13 of them getting my 50 species on a single day in each and now have done that for 38 states.  I flew back from Las Vegas this morning.  Birding was good in the area there but the town itself - uh, no thanks - really over the top. All told 260+ species including 33 species of warblers.  Lots of super people and a number of "famous" birding iconic places.  I am way behind on blog post but will try to add some in the next few days.  Then it is back on the road again.  Our horrible politics aside, we live in a great country!!
Blair Bernson
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