[Tweeters] Anna's Hummingbird behavior question

Larry S. Goodhew lsg at surfin-g.com
Mon May 27 21:12:10 PDT 2019

Crossbills seam to like sheet rock also . Have seen them once in
Leavenworth and at most of my job sites in Alaska.  Larry Goodhew

On 5/27/2019 8:01 PM, Marcy D'Addio wrote:

> A friend is observing a female Anna's Hummingbird eat/collect

> remainders from drywall that was cut in her backyard late last summer.

> Is the bird eating this as a calcium supplement or for some other

> reason? She did it earlier in the spring, too.

> In my on-line searches I saw information about sulphur compounds in

> some drywall. There were some articles about captive parrots eating

> drywall so the owners were cautioned to supervise and discourage this.

> Does anyone have experience or info? I will share with my friend.

> Thank you, Marcy D'Addio

> Redmond, WA


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