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Mon May 27 15:28:36 PDT 2019

Nice 2 plus hour walk in Ft. Ebey St.Park (Whidbey Island) today.Nothing special birdwise except for a complete lack of woodpeckers, a 1st for me at that location. We strolled the PNT trail and then hiked the bluff. Some human foot traffic and lots of VERY noisy float planes. The 41 bird species in taxonomic order:

Pacific Loon (1 flyby)

Pelagic & Double-crested Cormorants ( 2 each w/ large flock of gulls and auklets)

Bald Eagle (male perched in tree)

Pigeon Guillemot (5 or 6)

Rhinocerous Auklet(60+;most numerous water bird)

"Olympic" Gull (many feeding w/ auklets and cormorants)

Mourning Dove (at least 3)

Anna's (a few) & Rufous Hummingbirds (the latter the most numerous land bird in the park today!)

Olive-sided (many) & Pacific-slope Flycatchers (maybe 8 or so)

American Crow (heard mobbing a predator but we couldn't see through the trees)

Common Raven (at least 2)

Northern-roughed winged (checking out holes in the bluff), Cliff, Violet-green Swallows

Chestnut-backed Chickadee (gathering food to feed young)

Red-breasted Nuthatch (3 or 4)

House (1 singing), Bewick's (several), Pacific (only 1!) Wrens

Swainson's Thrush (many)

American Robin (including fledglings)

European Starling (3)

Orange-crowned (10-12), Yellow-rumped (2 flycatching), & Wilson's (1) Warblers

Dark-eyed Junco (including fledglings- as in our yard, they beat the cowbirds this year!

White-crowned (2) & Song (many) Sparrows

Spotted Towhee (10 or so)

Western Tanager (1 calling)

Black-headed Grosbeak ( at least 3 singing)

Red-winged Blackbird (3)

Brown-headed Cowbird(2)

House (several pairs), Purple (spectacular male singing in the sunshine) Finch

Red Crossbill (heard overhead several times)


Townsend's Chipmunk, Douglas Squirrel, Northern Sea Lion (FOY for me), Harbor Seal

Reptile: Painted Turtle in Pondilla Lake(FOY for me)

Amphibian: Pacific Chorus Frog

-----Steve Ellis

Coupeville, Wa

sremse at comcast.net

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