[Tweeters] Yellow grosbeak?

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Fri May 17 13:01:15 PDT 2019

Hello Tweetsters  - Josh Rosenau recently wrote that he was without
binoculars but  was fairly sure he saw a yellow grosbeak in the cedar
trees outside his house in Lake Forest Park. He didn't get a close or
long look so asked for suggestions as to alternative IDs.

I live in central Seattle. Many years ago when we first moved into our
house, there was a vacant lot next to us with a huge Bigleaf Maple tree
dominating the lot, which also had much undergrowth. We had a sunflower
seed feeder in our backyard next to the vacant lot. Every May, we had
Evening Grosbeaks come through for a few days and mob our feeder.

So I do think Evening Grosbeak, which is a yellow grosbeak, is a

The vacant lot, not surprisingly, has since been developed, the maple is
gone and so are the Evening Grosbeaks!

Jane Hadley

Seattle, WA

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