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Steve ,

Each year all bird list serves get tons of requests about baby birds out of the nest. These circumstances invariably involve some human being who “wants to help”.

Humans have strategies to rear young which involve decades of hands on guidance. Birds are most often Not This Way.

Ducks, Geese, Shorebirds and other's young are termed ‘precocial'. They can do things - specific skills- within minutes of hatching that mammals take years or months to develop.

Even with the passerine species, some chicks invariably seem to be “out of the nest too soon”. With extremely rare exceptions, it is best to leave “baby birds” alone. So often they have fledged and to “our eyes” it seems to be helpless. However, most of the time, parents are actually monitoring the young and when we get the he.. away will come down to feed the fledgling.

Other birds may have fallen from a storm related event, or a simple nest failure. In nearly all of these cases, our ability to successfully nurture and supply the correct bugs or other nutrients which actually will feed the young bird properly is a near impossibility.

So the overly brief- "leave them alone" is simple code for…. Leave them alone.


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