[Tweeters] Magic Hedge/ recommendations & FOY birds

Nadine Drisseq drisseq.n at gmail.com
Sun May 12 22:30:36 PDT 2019

Hi Tweets,

FOY Swainson's Thrush seen and 4 whitted

FOY Cedar Waxwings (10 of em!) - Orchard

Bullock Orioles have been arriving - near old Orchard

Lake Samm is a flurry of featherful habitat! However, it is underbirded and
we need more experienced birders to visit regularly and help ID the more
difficult to ID or find species. This park is incredible.

ALSO: I have a family reunion soon, inordinately close to the Magic Hedge
in Chicago!
(see hotspot: Montrose Point, Lincoln Park, Chicago - this small hotspot is
not as famous as Magee Marsh but lists a very high species number for
Spring Migration.

So I will be spoiled but I was also wondering if anyone else had any tips
for fave hotspots when birding East side and/or North East side of Chicago.
(I only have 4 mornings in which to get all birded up - the rest is spent
with family - priorities right?)

Thanks folks.
May the birds be with you!
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