[Tweeters] Black-and-white Warbler Skagit County

Diane B. dibirsner at gmail.com
Sun May 12 20:10:32 PDT 2019

We got a close but quick look at a Black-and-white warbler this afternoon
at the riverwalk habitat restoration trail, at the Marblemount boat launch
on the Cascade River Rd. Definitely not a Black-throated gray (we've seen
several this spring), this warbler was streaked black and white on its
head, back, wings and flanks. No yellow. It was bigger and longer than a
black-throated gray. It was also fast moving, almost at eye level, and not
singing. Having cut my birding teeth in Central Texas, I am very familiar
with migrating black-and-white warblers and feel confident about this ID.

Diane Birsner and Dave Schmalz

*"Live long and prosper."* Spock
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