[Tweeters] Got My Mojo Working

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign15 at gmail.com
Thu May 9 20:19:30 PDT 2019

Got my mojo working, but it just won't work on you: It just works on House
Wrens! Really.

Yes, it's true - I've spotted more House Wrens since May 1 than I've ever
seen in one year, or even many, and I didn't even have to leave Port
Townsend and general vicinity to do so.

On May 1, I found two, at widely separated areas of Fort Flagler. Neato.
Then yesterday (May 8) got back here to the ranch and looking out the
office window was surprised to see another House Wren snooping around a
brush pile that I'd created by cutting back my Mom's winter-toasted Fuchsia
magellanica - wrens are real suckers for a brush pile - and was doubly
surprised when a fledgling House Wren appeared on the scene, hysterically
begging from the parent and generally bumbling around the brush. I haven't
heard any singing House Wrens here yet this year, in the yard, so they may
have snuck in from the long hedgerow across the road. At any rate, it
seemed a bit early for our "migratory wrens" to be fledging young, but
there it was anyhoo. Earlier in the day I'd been snooping around various
local forest's and heard and seen a number of Pacific and Bewick's Wren's.
With bases loaded, I got my Port Townsend Wren homer when, unable to pass
up an easy birding play, I waddled over to Kah Tai Lagoon for a Marsh Wren.

When I just couldn't believe my wren mojo, it just kept on working. Today I
was sitting at a friends kitchen table at Cape George, with its' view of
about 6 little hummingbird feeders glued on the window, and watching the
Rufous and Anna show, when I looked down to see a House Wren singing loudly
(heard thru thermopane window glass) from a deck chair outside. Then the
wren jumped up on the window sill nabbed some cotton (from a rack that my
friend put there for nesting birds) and ran down the sill (this about 3ft
from where we were sitting) whereupon it jumped up to a nest box there.
Trouble was, a Violet-green Swallow had the same idea. Both of the birds
were at it for a while. It seemed the swallow was trying to load twigs in
the box, and the wren cotton. Maybe the ornery wren was winning because the
deck was covered with twigs.

Later, I saw the wren below the deck singing as it foraged. Nabbed a big
juicy bug of some sort. Go wren!

Jeff Gibson
got that ol' wren mojo in
Port Townsend Wa
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