[Tweeters] Marymoor Osprey Nest Relocation

Jason Ferleman jason.ferleman at gmail.com
Thu May 9 11:26:17 PDT 2019

Hello All-
I just saw this Notice of Proposed Land Use Action. They are going to try
to relocate the Osprey nest. This seems crazy to me, this nest has been
used for years. It is no longer open for public comment. I found the
email of the project manager. Please comment on this!

Here is my email to them:

from: Jason Ferleman <jason.ferleman at gmail.com>
to: kevin.leclair at kingcounty.gov
Hello Kevin-
I just saw the notice located in Marymoor. I realize the public comment
period is over, however I still feel inclined to reach out to you. I would
like more information in regards to the process of relocating the nest, as
well as when the proposed work is scheduled.

I am a construction project manager as well as an avid bird watcher. I
have been monitoring the mating pair of Osprey and they are currently on
the nest. I also realize that this site has been frequented year over year
by Osprey. This will have a significant impact on these amazing birds.

I also have questions as to the critical nature of this relocation in
regards to the master project plan published on the Sound Transit website.
If the Downtown Redmond spur is not slated to open until 2024, what is the
critical path for disruption of the Osprey?

Thank you-
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