[Tweeters] E Lake Samm Eagle nest - two eaglets

Gene Beall gene.beall at gmail.com
Wed May 8 13:22:25 PDT 2019

There are now two little eaglets in the Bald Eagle nest on the east side of
Lake Sammamish. I have posted three very short videos (10, 30 and 50
seconds) of the eaglets here:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/gene-s_photos/albums/72157705004440592 The
videos are a little shakey given the extreme zoom and light breeze blowing.

I estimate that the eaglets hatched at least a week ago, but this is the
first I've been able to see them. Perhaps someone with knowledge of young
eagles can review the videos and confirm or refine this estimate.

Thank you and enjoy,

Gene Beall

Sammamish, WA

Gene.beall at gmail.com

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Subject: E Lake Samm Bald Eagle on nest - update

A couple weeks ago I reported seeing Eagles nesting on a 10-year old nest on
the east side of Lake Sammamish that has never successfully produced young.
The good news is that the eagles continue to sit on the nest. The first
pictures I took of them on the nest were from March 29 but I had seen the
birds on the nest for at least several days before that. I'm estimating
there may have been eggs as early as March 22 or so. Given a 5-week
incubation period, hatching may still be a week or so off, and then probably
another couple weeks at least before I might starting seeing a young head or
two popping up as the adults bring in food. For those who are interested I
have posted a couple short videos, taken yesterday, of the adult birds
settling in on the nest and calling from nest:

Gene Beall

Sammamish, WA

Gene.beall at gmail.com <mailto:Gene.beall at gmail.com>

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