[Tweeters] aberrant Cinnamon Teal -- Seattle

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Sun May 5 18:24:31 PDT 2019


Yes, the Vesper Sparrow continues near the Osprey platform at the Montlake Fill in Seattle today. And migrants: Wilson's Warbler, Cassin's Vireo, Least, Western, and Solitary Sandpipers. But what's with this duck?

I don't have pictures, though Spencer H. may. We studied a couple of male Cinnamon Teal in the southwest pond, but one was a bit dull, also with some flank barring and back mottling, but most notably the top of the head from the eyes up and continuing down the back of the head and nape had a dull brownish color with definite green sheen. We saw no light forward facial or rear flank patches, as is often on hybrids with Blue-winged Teal. I've checked some references (from Bent to Pinterest), but found no good matches. Is this a known variation (as we see in Gadwall and wigeon), a known hybrid, some young bird, or ...? If you get good pictures, please post somewhere.

5 May, 2019,

Alan Grenon

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