[Tweeters] Common Loons on Lake Sammamish, calling....

Nadine Drisseq drisseq.n at gmail.com
Sun May 5 13:10:17 PDT 2019

Godne Dag Tweets! (Old English for "Good Day", Tweeters) FOY BULLOCK'S
ORIOLE in last year's nesting area (cottonwoods by Iss Creek before the old
orchard, i.e. Warbler Alley) for Lake Samm SP (LSSP) this morning circa
9am. Chuffing, and then flyover. Good look! Male! A chuffing, orange, black
and white missile. :)

WESTERN WOOD PEWEE also near orchard sallying over Issaquah Creek from a
bare branch (have pics to upload), plus two Black headed Grosbeaks. across
the river from the wee bridge.

Also FOY Black-throated Gray singing high in the c'woods, and a spotted
sandpiper down near the sunset beach.

Waiting for Swainson's Thrushes and more warblers. Would you like Issaquah
Am Dippers? They're here! Email me. Last year I saw 3 Laz Buntings come
through LSSP so it's a good park to keep your eyes peeled for them. They
were seen coming through WARBLER ALLEY, which is my name for the path that
leads to the orchard. Last year, I also found the nesting area for the
Black-throated grays in the park. If they return and stay again, I'll be
happy to share. Yours, Bird-crazed in the wild woods of Issaquah Creek,

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