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Fri May 3 22:08:30 PDT 2019

Tuesday evening I was at our place on the Georgia Strait near Birch Bay in
Whatcom County. As I was scanning the near shore birds, I saw a number of
Horned Grebes in breeding plumage spread out between Pt. Whitehorn and
Cherry Point.

In one small group, two birds suddenly stood up in the water and began
running side by side for a short distance, then turned and faced each other,
and then turned to run side by side back the way they came.

It's the first time I've seen Horned Grebes do a courtship dance. I've seen
Western Grebes do a more elaborate dance down in Malheur NWR.

I also have a starling that a couple of weeks ago sounded somewhat like a
Caspian Tern. In the intervening time, the Caspian Terns have returned.
Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to keep checking every time I heard a Caspian
Tern because the starling had it down exactly.

Good birding,


Ed Swan

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