[Tweeters] Western Grant Co. migration in full swing

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Fri May 3 18:54:21 PDT 2019

Today I birded the Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area, Sunland, and the Frenchman Coulee Recreation Area, along the western edge of Grant Co., scouting for a field trip I’m leading at the WOS conference next week.

All day, pretty much every tree or bush was filled with birds. The vast majority were “AUDUBON’S” YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS. But about 1 bird in 10 was something else.

The “rest” comprised:

Dusky Flycatcher – probably saw nearly 10
Ruby-crowned Kinglet – quite a few, some singing
Warbling Vireo – several, with about 1 per site a scanned
Lincoln Sparrow – maybe 5-6
Orange-crowned Warbler – 2nd most common warbler
Nashville Warbler – nearly as common as Orange-crowned
“Myrtle” Yellow-rumped Warbler – only 2 confirmed amongst several hundred “Audubon”
Townsend’s Warbler – one at Quincy Lake, one at Frenchman Coulee
Wilson’s Warbler – one at Dusty Lake, maybe 5 at Frenchman Coulee, with one singing
Western Tanager – one male at Sunland
Bullocks’ Oriole – two at Frenchman Coulee

The big surprises were a gorgeous singing male HARRIS’S SPARROW at the camping area actually at Quincy Lake. At Sunland, in the tall trees at the north end, I had a LEWIS’S WOODPECKER. I was also a bit surprised to find a “SOOTY” FOX SPARROW at Lake H within the Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area.

Waterfowl were pretty scarce, and they only shorebirds I had were KILLDEER and BLACK-NECKED STILT. For raptors, I had several RED-TAILED HAWK, one SWAINSON’S HAWK dropping down to Sunland, two OSPREY (one at Quincy Lake, one at Frenchman Coulee Rec Area), and several AMERICAN KESTREL. Not a stellar turnout.

Still, the migration of dickie birds in the trees was pretty special. For the day, I found 75 species.

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