[Tweeters] Parrot Conclusion

Joshua Hayes josh.hayes at q.com
Fri May 3 18:31:01 PDT 2019

Thanks to all the people who emailed me about the dead parrot I found at
Licton Springs. It turns out, it WAS the bird of the guy over by Northgate,
and he was pretty broken up when I broke it to him. I had already given him
(the bird, not the owner) a decent burial with the rest of the menagerie in
the back yard, where Kookoo joins two dogs, a fire-bellied toad, and a
raccoon. They'll be having interesting conversations.

Anyway, the bird was basically undamaged: a slight abrasion on the head, and
a broken neck. The owner said the bird was being chased by crows near the
mall; I'm guessing he fled across the freeway to North Seattle College in
the dusk, but there's a big ol' crow roost there as well, and they probably
chased him over to Licton Springs in the near darkness, where he, panicked,
flew into a tree and broke his neck. Sic semper psittacus.


Joshua Hayes

Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Physical Science

Redmond High School, E-130

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