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Just a reminder about banded (flagged) Red Knots. Yellow flags were attached to Red Knots in Mexico; those knots typically also have a secondary band (red) on the lower part of the leg. These birds were banded at Guerrero Negro (Baja California Sur) and Golfo Santa Clara (Sonora). To my knowledge, there are no orange flags being deployed on knots. Most of the yellow flags were deployed over 10 years ago and many of them are so worn that the alpha-numeric codes are no longer visible. We see a few of these marked birds in Washington each spring.

Red Knots have also been marked with green flags (the flag color for the United States). These birds were marked primarily in Washington (since 2011), with a smaller number banded on the breeding grounds in northwestern Alaska.

The first migrant Red Knots began moving through Washington a few days ago. Numbers will build in the next couple of days and the species will be present in Grays Harbor (lesser numbers in northern Willapa Bay) until roughly 20-22 May, with stragglers perhaps until the end of the month. Please we watching for marked birds. I would be very interested to learn about sightings of any of these marked birds. Photographs are particularly helpful.


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