[Tweeters] FOY Black-headed Grosbeak (+ a fun Song Sparrow)

Tucker, Trileigh TRI at seattleu.edu
Fri May 3 11:16:50 PDT 2019

Hello Tweets,

My extremely patient partner was in the middle of saying something yesterday afternoon when I suddenly jumped up, ran out of the room, grabbed my camera and started snapping—I’d just glimpsed my FOY Black-headed Grosbeak at our deck feeder. He came back several times over the course of the evening, and hopefully sometime soon he’ll bring his sweetheart. Photo here<https://www.flickr.com/photos/trileigh/47708410212/in/dateposted-public/>.

A couple of days earlier, I’d also enjoyed observing a Song Sparrow not just eating dandelion seeds, but pouncing on the heads as if they were prey, then acting quite proud of him/herself stripping off the fuzz and consuming the seed. A pounce photo is here<https://www.flickr.com/photos/trileigh/47708471852/in/dateposted-public/> – not the best photo, but fun to see.

Good birding to you,

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