[Tweeters] Banded knot @ Bottle Beach

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I found the same banded knot on one of my pictures from the same day (very
bad one), seems like there were two bands, orange on top and red one below.



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George Pagos and I birded Bottle Beach today and had nice looks at a good
variety of birds. We had 10 species of shorebirds including; Dunlin, W.
Sandpiper, L. Sandpiper, Semi-Palmated Plover, Black-bellied Plover,
Long-billed Dowitcher, Short-billed Dowitcher, Killdeer, Ruddy Turnstone,
Sanderling, Greater Yellowlegs and over 100 Red Knots. There was one Red
Knot with an orange tag on on leg. We couldn't read it but I figure someone
might want to know we had a banded bird.
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