[Tweeters] el Camino de Santiago birds?

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I walked 162km of the Camino last May. Prior to going I did quite a bit of eBird and online searching for birding info. There really wasn’t much.

If your wife is not using luggage forwarding, I understand the desire to not bring bins. I did bring bins. I found that bird-watching on the Camino was often tough because 1) you’re trying to keep a pace 2) other pilgrims are not bird-watchers and not sensitive to keeping quiet, not chasing off what you are looking at, etc. 3) the urban environment of parts of the Camino. That said, some things were very easy to see - blackbird, robin, crow, swallow, tit, White Stork, Black Kite, Buzzard, etc. She will definitely hear cuckoos; I even saw a few.

The lack of eBird hotspots had me dropping personal pins between Leon and Santiago de Compostela. I used the Collins Bird Guide app on my phone to assist with IDs.

Feel free to reach out to me if I can give you any further info.

Kirsten Tucker
Gig Harbor, WA

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> Dear Tweeters,

> My wife is going to walk 250 miles of the Camino de Santiago in Spain soon. She was wondering if there is a ready-made bird checklist for this hike.

> She won't be bringing binoculars--saving every possible ounce of weight--but that's okay. She has such good eyesight, she ID'd the first Black-throated Grey Warbler of spring in our neighborhood a few hours ago, just with the naked eye!

> Yours truly,

> Gary Bletsch

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